How to write Urdu in photoshop cs6

Urdu is Pakistan’s national language and many people use Urdu for communication. Page, How to write Urdu in photoshop cs6, is the software used by people in Pakistan to write in the Urdu language. People have to draw Urdu text in the form of IN-Page and then copied it. After exporting the text they use with time, Adobe has added the Middle Eastern and South Asian language features in Adobe Photoshop but many people don’t know about it. In this article, How to write Urdu in photoshop cs6, we will guide you on how to write Urdu in Photoshop cs6.

Adobe Photoshop is a visual communication program used to make trademarks, pictures, advertisements, and other visual media.

  • Download Google Feedback Ploy, and then make Urdu one’s default information pronunciation.
  • Choose a function from the Middle East in Photoshop.
  • Go ahead and categorize it, then choose Middle Eastern as your dialect.
  • The “Add Tool” button should be clicked.
  • It’s going to be published in Urdu if you start typing it from the keypad.

Google input tool

A piece of software developed by a 3rd person is the Chrome input tool. Just go to Google Chrome or whatever browsers you use to access the world wide web and enter “Google input tool.” After opening the company portal and choosing the “On Window” option, you will need to pick the Urdu speech and afterward install it. After you have downloaded and installed the Google input tool, an upgrade feature labeled “EN” will be shown on the lower right side of your toolbar. There’s a choice between English and Urdu whenever you hover your mouse over the EN choice below. If your select Urdu as your default language in any writing program, such as Photoshop or Microsoft Word, the text would indeed be written in Urdu.

Middle Eastern Language in Photoshop

  • Go to the Menu settings on any Photoshop site by selecting the “Edit” tool within either the upper right of options.
  • At this point, you will need to choose the “Preferences” choice, which can be found at the very bottom of the menu.
  • Simply choose the “Type” choice from the menu.
  • There will see a rock window that requires you to make a selection titled “middle eastern,” after which you must click the “Ok” option located on the button in the upper.
  • Then “Exit” will appear. The Adobe Photoshop
  • Open up the Photoshop tab again.
  • To begin entering, you must first touch the “Type” icon that is located at the top of such screen.
  • You’ll need to go to the “Translation choices” section of the “Type settings” menu and then choose “Middle Eastern Features.”
  • Then, first, from the bottom right side of the “EN” choice, pick the Urdu choice.
  • Currently, it is composed in Urdu in the Photoshop program. You may also study this approach in Urdu if you’re interested in learning to compose Urdu in InDesign edition 7.0, CS 6, or a newer edition.

Whether you are operating Microsoft 7, you can make use of various learn the various packages. Downloading the Google Urdu inputting tools will allow you to type in Urdu. The use of this method results in significant cost and labor savings. We trust that each of your misunderstandings about learning to create Urdu in Photoshop has been cleared up. 

Write Urdu in PhotoShop using Pak Urdu Installer

The Pak-Urdu installation walks you through the identical processes, with the exception being you will need to download this specific program, How to write Urdu in photoshop cs6.

It is recommended that you restart your laptop when the software is being installed as an extra stage. The remaining stages are the same, however, now you will need to enter Urdu using the Arabic apostrophe on your individual unique computer. Because the text won’t be converted from English to Urdu on its own, folks who never have an Urdu keypad may find it difficult to type.


This useful piece, How to write Urdu in photoshop cs6, has a method that is stated from beneath. When it comes to altering photographs at an originally top standard, Adobe Photoshop is the sole program that is used. For the majority of the moment, we were required to express ourselves in Urdu well below the photo. When this occurs, many individuals choose to compose their Urdu text in a different program, such as In-page, before creating a picture that they then copy and paste before placing the altering image. However, following this strategy, explained in this article on How to write Urdu in photoshop cs6, you will find it much simpler to compose in Urdu. Using the assistance of Photoshop CS6, you may compose in Urdu on your personal computer or notebook in a manner that is both very simple and entirely original.