Urdu is the best and most popular language in the South Asian region. Many people in Pakistan and India use Urdu as a way of communication, and Urdu is also the national language of Pakistan. Additional documentation and literature texts are written down in the Urdu language. Generally, there are many software programs for writing Urdu.

They are applied for many objectives. However, many people like to write Urdu text on MS office. The following are the requirements to write the Urdu language in MS office.

Generally, there are many programs where you can easily write the Urdu Language on any software program, and anyone can write on social networks and internet sites. Moreover, various internet sites remain in the Urdu language. Additionally, if you would like to publish Urdu content on your website, at that time, it is one of the very best methods to write Urdu.

Dissimilar to English, publishing Urdu with a keyboard is tough, and it would be best if you got a special computer keyboard. Suppose you must study how to write the Urdu Language on any app or software program. Thus, you must pay for an additional keyboard and cost simultaneously.

However, I intend to show you an easy method where you can type Urdu with any keyboard. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s study the installation process.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word or MS Word is a simple “word processor” program used to prepare, manipulate, save, print, and share a document containing words.

What Is Microsoft Word Used For?

Microsoft Word is certainly being made used in almost every field of life. Anyone can easily use it for your company, individual, and institutional objectives. MS Word gives various types of design templates that can assist you in making the following activities:

  • Resume
  • Report
  • Banner
  • Invoice
  • Visiting card
  • Postcard
  • Receipt
  • Catalogue

What do you require to write Urdu in MS Word?

We require some tools to type Urdu in MS Word. All these types of devices are free of cost to download, install, and utilize.

A listing of tools we require:

  1. Microsoft Word.
  2. Urdu Phonetic Keyboard (Pak Urdu Installer).
  3. Urdu Font style.

How to write Urdu in windows 10

how to install word in windows 10

  • Visit Control Panel; you will view impressive substitutes, one primary of belongings panel.
  • Get on Provincial along with Linguistic Selections.
  • Principal tick on Keyboard in addition to Languages. Now tick on alternative Keyboard marginal.
  • Now select the choice of Urdu language. Select OK.
  • If you intend to have a key series to adjust among languages, click on higher Key setups.
  • On the suitable function of the taskbar, you’ll see ENG; clack on it to change the phonetic to Urdu.
  • Open Up MS Word. Get along on general ideas. Additionally, change the linguistic to Urdu when you want Urdu in MS workplace 2007.
  • Certainly, the following variants and orders can work 100% in Microsoft Word 2007, MS Word 2010 Office MS Word 2013, MS Word 2016, Word 2017, Microsoft Office, MS Word 2018 MS Word 2019.
  • These types are a small number of phases you intend to perceive in a situation you require to install writing Urdu in MS word.
  • Anyone can control the control panel with the income of important Windows key + Space.
  • You must get a keyboard with guidance intended for the Urdu language. If there is no support for the Urdu language for the control panel, then you can use the on-display display control panel to engrave Urdu in MS Word.
  • Simply type on the screen computer monitor control panel with classified the look for the bottle, additionally, to break on it to start the display computer screen grand keyboard.

If anyone is not secure with the display computer screen control panel after that, you must operate a control panel that supports Urdu Linguistics; otherwise, you will not be able to type in Urdu in MS word.

How to write Urdu in MS word on Windows 7?

To type Urdu text in MS word on Windows 10 or write Urdu in MS word 2007, you need to download and install the Urdu Keyboard and Urdu font styles on your computer.

It is because there is no choice for Default Urdu Language in Microsoft Windows 7. Thus, you need to download and install a 3rd party app, and you need to download and install Urdu fonts for MS word 2007.

  • Firstly, you must install Urdu Phonetic Key-board in your Windows 7.
  • Installing Urdu Phonetic Keyboard
  • Visit your internet browser and search Urdu Phonetic Keyboard.
  • Download And Install the Urdu Phonetic keyboard software.
  • When download and installation are done, click the installer to install the software.
  • Following finishing the installation, you must adjust the language to Urdu if you need to type in Urdu.

Language Switching in Microsoft Word 2007 (Windows 7)

If anyone wants to create Urdu in MS Word 2007 and use Windows 7, we’ll show you how to accomplish it step by step. You must install Urdu font styles or an Urdu keyboard in Microsoft Windows 2007 to create in the Urdu language.

You must install a software application to utilize the Urdu keyboard because it is not an option in every Windows 7 version.

Shown below are the guidelines for installing the Urdu keyboard.

  • Setting up the Urdu Phonetic Keyboard.
  • Type In “Urdu Phonetic Keyboard” in the search bar of your web internet browser.
  • Install the software application for the Urdu Phonetic keyboard.
  • Click on the installer to start the software installation when the download is full.
  • If you want to text in Urdu right after the installation is done, you will need to change the language to Urdu.

Additional way of typing Urdu in MS office.

  • First, you must download and install the Urdu language keyboard in Windows 10.
  • Open the Windows 10 settings application and select the Time & Language option.
  • Click on language, and then click Add a desired language to install the Urdu keyboard.
  • Open MS word and change the default language to Urdu from the Menu bar.


Finally, I hope you located this short article helpful. Even so, please do this if you have any ideas or queries or discuss your thoughts and feelings. You are appreciated for commenting on the box shown below.

To start the on-screen Keyboard, type the on-screen Keyboard into the search bar and select it. You must operate a keyboard that helps the Urdu language if you fail to feel pleasant working the on-screen Keyboard since, generally, you will not have the ability to create Urdu in MS Word. This particular article must be beneficial to you. Thank you very much.