One issue that Telenor users can experience is that the customers usually need help remembering their Telenor SIM number. If you need to check out Telenor SIM number after that, this article will help. I will also inform you of the Telenor number check code that you can easily apply to discover your SIM variety quickly.

Telenor provides a selection of SIMs to its consumers. These may be Internet SIMs, MBB, Postpaid, and company SIMs are featured.

I have observed that many customers need to remember their Telenor SIM number and find out how to check the sim number late. That’s why a few easy methods are listed to check your Telenor number—applying and that you are able to check out your sim number quickly.

Telenor Sim Number Maloom Karne Ka Tariqa?

The simplest procedure to get the Telenor SIM number is to open your mobile phone dialer and Dial * 710 #; you will certainly get the number.

All the methods shown below are performed to check out the Telenor number. You can easily choose one of these particular options.

  1. Using SMS (Send a Message).
  2. Through Call.
  3. I need to call another phone number.
  4. Using My Telenor App.
  5. Via Website.

1: How to Check Telenor number Via SMS

Some people need to remember their Telenor SIM number and know how to check it out late. The following methods will assist you in finding your Telenor number easily and choosing which you are able to check your sim number easily.

To view the Telenor number, visit Message creating options and write a message “My no” or empty to 7421. After sending out the Message, you will receive the sim number in the answer without any charges.

2: How to check Telenor number Via Call

All you need to do if you don’t have enough money to send a content message is:

  • Telenor simulator users should dial 7421.
  • The phone call will certainly be given as telephone answering machine information.
  • You will quickly get a reply from 7421, including your Telenor SIM number.

3: How to check the Telenor number From Telenor Website Live Chat

If you fail to remember your Telenor sim number and you wish to review your number. After that, you can visit your Telenor number via online chat. To assess the sim number via this system same, three things you’ll be requiring:

  • NAME.
  • CNIC.
  • The IMSI number is located on the back of your SIM card.

For this purpose.

  • Click Live Chat at the bottom right of your Telenor display screen after signing on. (If you use smartphones, you will get it at the bottom of the display).
  • You inform them that you want to find the tour Telenor number.
  • Provide information.
  • They will certainly provide your sim number.

4: How to check Telenor number Via App

Using the My Telenor Application, you can check your Telenor number by following these steps:

  • My Telenor App can be downloaded and installed from the Play Store.
  • Go to the My Telenor App and open it.
  • Press the ‘Start’

Your Telenor number will certainly be shown on the Telenor application home screen, where anyone can check out and take note of it quickly.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your will Find your Telenor sim number on your mobile phone screen free of cost
  • You can easily examine only the active sim; the inactive sim might not function
  • Codes can easily change anytime through Telenor; please visit the Telenor website if the code above has an error.
  • Call Telenor customer service for more guidance
  • You can easily check out the Telenor Sim Owner, Telenor Number enrolled address and Location of Telenor Number and Telenor Sim by contacting the customer service


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How can I check my Telenor number?

Dial * 8888 # on your Dialpad to check your sim number.

How can I check my Telenor number without needing a balance?

Send a blank SMS to 7421. In answer, you will receive an SMS regarding your Telenor Sim Number without any cost.

How do you check out if a mobile phone number is confirmed?

Send an empty SMS to 7751, and you will certainly get the condition of whether your number is confirmed.