The Maldives contains 1,190 islands in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. They provide seclusion, impressive scenes, and the best first-class overwater villas worldwide. Outstanding scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing service make the Maldives a tremendous beach area.

The Maldives is the best location for honeymoons, days of remembrances, or for all those only searching for a romantic vacation. Family members are also correctly catered for, with several options providing fantastic multi-bedroom villas situated on the beach and overwater. By having good food items, services, vacation homes, and resort services, it’s not surprising that the Maldives are the most famous locations for those looking for the most incredible beach getaway!

The weather condition in the Maldives is pleasant year-round. There are two main seasons: the winter tends to become drier (October to April), and the summer season is frequently a little more humid (May to September). Whenever rain falls, it usually falls for an hour, around mid-day or evening. Nasty thunderstorms are unique in the Maldives, making it a wonderful year-round place.

The top season in the Maldives is coming from Christmas through New Year’s. Bookings do require to become comforted in advance near peak season and as well all-around Easter. If you ask me about the expenses of the tour in the Maldives, then the Rates are the smallest high priced from May to September.

Moves to resorts in the Maldives are through seaplane, speedboat, or a mixture of local flight and speedboat. Resorts near the airport get access to motorboats operated 24 hours a day. Alternatives beyond speedboat variety are getting a permit through seaplane. Seaplanes only fly at the time-of-day hours; therefore, if your international flight lands after 5:00 evening, you will need to overnight at an airport hotel before traveling to your resort the following morning. Resorts situated the furthest distant are easily accessed by using a local flight and, after that, a speedboat trip. Local flights will operate late at night.

How much money Makes It Happen Cost to visit the Maldives?

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Do you like to know what amount makes it costs to visit the Maldives?

This particular article aims to determine the expense of touring the Maldives. The crystal waters and sandy coastlines assure impress, but the cost related to the country usually scares people far away. Is it as expensive as everybody says?

Continue reading to find out.

I’m visiting and recommend an 8-days, 7-nights schedule in the Maldives. This is most likely to be a many more luxury-oriented travel plan consisting of a 2-nights remain in the over-water homes that the Maldives is known for, so always keep that in your mind when you look into the primary cost breakdown. I wish, however, also to be involving many suggestions for more affordable options when touring the Maldives.

Please note that this particular overview is based on the costs of a person. If you are taking a trip as a couple, double these estimates (except hotels).

Best Places to visit in the Maldives

Before Budgeting our visit to the Maldives, we are discussing the best location for those who want to discover nature in the Maldives. This is due to the fact that it provides sparkling blue watercolor. Furthermore, the majority of the beaches of the Maldives, including Fulhadhoo, Unhumble Beach, and Nika Remote Island Beaches, etc., are white sandy beaches shaded by palm trees that present a fantastic view of nature. The rich green landscaping’s the prominent focal spot to examine nature in the Maldives. The Maldives is also a significant tourist attraction for Honeymoon Tour; also, a checklist of all the most efficient Places to visit in the Maldives is stated below:

  1. Male (World’s smallest capital covered by the sea).
  2. Banana Reef (The oldest reef in the global).
  3. National Museum (A location of historic structures and art crafts).
  4. Hulhumale (A place of incredible beaches).
  5. Maldives Victory (The whole world’s best diving place).
  6. Maafushi Island (A piece of paradise in the world).
  7. Utheemu (A Maldivian ancient place).
  8. Maradhoo (An island establishment that ranges from Gan to the east).
  9. Veligandu Island (An area of the luxurious bar).
  10. Kuredu (A self-proclaimed phenomenon of the Lhaviyani Atoll).

A trip to the Maldives for one week typically costs all around MVR29,888 for a single person. So, a tour to the Maldives for a couple of people expenses around MVR58,775 for one whole week. A time for two weeks for a couple of individuals costs MVR130,551 in the Maldives. If you’re visiting as a family of three or four, the price often reduces because kid’s tickets are affordable, and hotel living rooms can be shared. If you tour slower over a longer duration at that point, your day-to-day budget plan will also reduce. Two people traveling combined for one particular month in the Maldives can frequently contain a reduced daily budget for each individual than a single person touring alone for one whole week.

Holiday accommodation Budget in the Maldives

Holiday accommodation Budget in the Maldives

Suppose you prefer to have the incredible Maldives adventure, but you want to find your local area accommodation as an alternative to staying in a hotel. In that case, you must create seeking your favored one on Airbnb. There are many beautiful apartments or condos, villas, bungalows, and nonpublic living areas available, and, depending upon your days and preferences, you can cover between $35 to $200+ per night.

The residential homes available on Airbnb are expanded throughout the inhabited islands. Thus, you can easily find anything gorgeous regardless of which Maldivian island anyone prefers to stay on.

Average Daily Cost:

It is computed from tourists like you.

The usual price for a single person for accommodation in the Maldives is MVR1,949. For a couple of persons sharing an ordinary double-occupancy hotel room, the average cost for a hotel room in the Maldives is MVR3,897.

Holiday Rental Costs in the Maldives

How much money do vacation rentals expense in the Maldives? Prices vary by place, day, size of the site, and standard of luxury. Look under for options:

  • Vacation Rentals
  • Find the greatest vacation service for your traveling type.
  • Family-Friendly
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Along with a Swimming pool
  • By using a Kitchen area

We like VRBO due to its commitment to small companies. VRBO has become part of the Expedia family members, one of the largest brands in travel.

Traveling Costs in the Maldives

Average Daily Costs:

Computed from visitors like you.

The rent of a taxi cab trip in the Maldives is much more than public transport. Generally, past travelers have paid MVR2,712 for every particular person each day on local transport in the Maldives.

Intercity Travelling Budget in the Maldives.

Normal Daily Costs:

Computed from tourists like you.

Traveling between cities and towns in the Maldives charges a norm of MVR4,029. Generally, costs vary on the distance of the route, the kind of vehicle chosen, and the day.

Food Budget in the Maldives

Normal Daily Expenditures:

Measured from visitors like you.

Although meal rates in the Maldives can differ, the standard cost of meals in the Maldives is MVR1,664 daily. Accorded to the cost routines of last travelers, when dining in restaurants, an average food in the Maldives ought to cost approximately MVR686 for each person. Breakfast rates are generally a little less expensive than lunch and dinner. The cost of food in tie-up restaurants in the Maldives is typically more than fast food costs or road food prices.

Preferred Foods:

Regarding the resorts, breakfast is often provided, and visitors can decide to buy package deals that include lunch and dinner cafeteria. (Visit our Dhigurah Island Beach and Diving Resort if you’re searching for any of the better locations to stay.) Generally, the food at this site is European or Asian to comply with visitors’ requirements. Still, there are alternatives beyond the hotels that will have a wider variety of local packages. Being an island nation, the Maldives generally provides dishes that rotate around fish (mas), drawing highly from Sri Lankan and south Indian cultures. Tuna (kandu mas), in specific, is primarily used, and dishes are usually hot and spicy, offered with rice, and spiced with coconut. Curries (riha) are also well-liked and traditionally offered along with roshi (unleavened bread) and many other local flatbreads.

A few more Maldivian specialties include: –

  • Mas huni: A popular Maldivian breakfast that includes shredded smoked fish with grated coconuts and onions.
  • Find mas: bar-b-que fish, basted with chili.
  • Bambukeylu hit: breadfruit sauce (breadfruit is from a blooming South Pacific Ocean tree, potato-like in taste).
  • Hedhikaa: snack foods that are typically fish-based and deep-fried.
  • Bajiya: a bread packed with fish, coconut, and onions.
  • Gulha: cake balls crammed with smoked fish.
  • Keema: deep-fried fish scrolls.
  • Kulhi borkibaa: hot fish cake.
  • Masroshi: mas huni (see above) covered in roshi bread and cooked.
  • Theluli mas: fried fish baked with chili and garlic.

Water Cost in the Maldives

Water Cost in the Maldives

Normal Daily Costs.

Determined from tourists like you.

Generally, people pay MVR9.50 on mineral water in the Maldives each day. The general public water in the Maldives is regarded as safe to consume.

Entertainment Cost in the Maldives.

Typical Daily Costs.

Computed from visitors like you.

Enjoyment and adventures in the Maldives typically cost approximately MVR451 to each person daily. This includes fees covering entry tickets to museums and tourist attractions, whole-day tours, and other sightseeing and tour expenses.

Alcoholic beverage Cost in the Maldives.

Normal Everyday Expenses.

Computed from tourists like you.

The ordinary person pays about MVR821 on alcoholic refreshments in the Maldives each day. The more you spend on alcohol, the extra fun you may be providing despite your higher cost.

Tour Guiders:

Guided trips are the best methods to discover the Maldives, and you get an alternative of selecting a good travel plan for yourself using these treks. Whether you are a pleasure seeker or experience fan, you can discover several tours like Taking walk tours, Island jumping, time excitement visits, etc. These types start with USD 100 (9526.73 INR) to USD 200+ (19053.45 INR) daily.

Top Tourist Attractions

Although Kaafu and Alifu are the absolute most famous atolls for visitors looking for a tranquil bungalow escape, many other places all over the tropic nation are often visited for several causes. Hanifaru Bay, for instance, in the Baa atoll, belongs to the Maldives’ very most popular marine locations. Specifically remarkable belongs to the biggest seasonal get-togetherness of shawl waves worldwide. Whale sharks are also viewed seasonally, especially at the time of monsoon, whenever several types gather to feed upon plankton that has cleaned into the lagoon. One more excellent place throughout Baa is the Blue Hole, which is exceptionally well-known with snorkelers and scuba divers, who exactly have the possibility to adventure a coral-lined underwater fireplace that slowly narrows, coming from 22 meters to seven meters. The Baa atoll is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, indicating its waters are secured. It has allowed a large quantity of even more than 200 species of coral reefs and over 1,000 species of deep-sea fish.

Cost of Hotels According to Services

Extremely Luxury Resorts– Beginning at the US $1,950+ for each night and move up from there

  • 6 Star Resorts– US $1500+ for each night
  • 5 1/2 Star– Roughly US $900– $1,200 each night
  • 5 Star– Somewhere Around US $700– $950 every night
  • Private Islands, 4-Star, and Boat/Yacht Rentals– Costs Offered Upon Demand

Note: All above prices are approximated, not actual.

With approximately 200 populated islands, 90 resort islands, and 900 unpopulated islands, the Maldives provides a beautiful range of holiday accommodations and a significant difference in hotel costs each night. And, regardless of where you select to stay, your vacation in the Maldives will provide you correctly to the center of the islands’ beautiful nature. Great coral reefs, much marine life, and charming plants are several of the crucial things waiting for you in the Maldives.

List of Famous Resorts and Hotels in Maldives

High-cost Resorts

Below we enlist a few names of resorts whose professional services are more expensive:


Low-cost resorts

In the following, we enlist several names of resorts at which services are low-cost than other resorts:

  • Sun Island Resort and Spa
  • Dhigali Maldives
  • Vilamendhoo Island Resort
  • Royal Island Resort
  • Kuredu Island Resort

High-cost hotels

Below we enlist various names of hotels whose services are more expensive:

  • Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
  • Kandima Maldives
  • Olhuveli Beach & Spa Maldives
  • Sheraton Maldives
  • Full Moon Resort & Spa
  • OBLU SELECT Lobigili

Low-cost hotels

Here we enlist the fantastic name of hotels that were operating low-priced services:

  • Reethi Beach Resort
  • Embudu Village Resort, South Male Atoll
  • Biyadhoo Island Resort
  • Filitheyo Island Resort
  • Eriyadu Island Resort, North Male Atoll

When is the very best time to visit the Maldives?

When is the very best time to visit the Maldives

Anytime our clients take a trip to the Maldives, and you are assured to locate hot and sunny weather conditions all the time, with average temperature levels of 23ºC-31ºC. Indeed, the best time to tour the Maldives is between November and April, whenever you are | entertained through the drying weather.

The entire season runs between December and March and the ideal time to visit this gorgeous area with the budget in during the months of April through June. The season might not be as incredible as the drying season, and anyone will most likely experience rainfalls. However, the costs are much friendlier than at the time of the entire season.

Methods by which You Move Around the Maldives?

Relating the cost of the flight tickets from one’s country to the Maldives, it typically relies on the dates and the airport you are traveling from. You can easily use Skyscanner to choose the best offers for each flight.

A plane Maldives Seaplanes with Horse Generation Seaplane Once you’ve arrived in Male International Airport (MLE) you can pick either a seaplane, ferryboat or speedboat to get to your lodging. Because there are just a few causeways linking the islands, roadway transports are not the best way of transport in the Maldives.

Operating a continuous service 24 hours a week and seven days a week. The ferries to the Male region leave at intervals of 10 minutes throughout the duration of the time. If you prefer something faster than a ferryboat and are visiting a resort deeper to Malé, select a speed craft. For the more remote islands, seaplanes are chosen. Costs depend upon the kind of transport you like and your location but remember that several restaurants and resorts in the Maldives schedule your airport transfers.

More Helpful Tips

To ensure everything quick and accessible during the course of your holiday vacation in the Maldives, ensure you have it in hand cash with you. There are, however, ATMs in Male and also the larger populated} islands, and resorts and many guesthouses allow credit cards.

Also, remember that tipping is {different| various} in the Maldives than in the country. All things provide a 10% to 12.5% service tax, but it’s good to keep a tip for your room workers, {even if| even though giving a piece of advice is not routine on local islands and at private restaurants.


The Maldives is a beautiful and fantastic country full of nature and incredible scenes. But the overall expenses of visiting the Maldives depend on your getting services during your visit. If you get more luxury and 3,4,5 stars hotel services, you pay more. And also depend on your travels between the Maldives’s island. If you want to visit more islands, you pay more for traveling.

Important Note: For traveling to the Maldives, you should have more money.